Watch out for Classic or Capri appearing in the following movies


Video-Clip:    "My brave face" by Paul McCartney
See Paul McCartney's Classic for a few seconds in that videoclip.
Movie Quadrophenia by THE WHO
A red Capri appears on the street when Sting arrives in Brighton in his scooter
Movie 8 1/2 Frederico Fellini
I highly recommend checking out Frederico Fellini's 8 1/2, for the starkly surreal Consul Classic sequence. Marcello Mastroiani and his wife,  experience overdubbed existential angst outside a Milan convention center, the hideous Classic resplendent under spectacular lighting behind the glass.
Commercial Somewhere in Asia DHL (Parcel Service)
A torquoise Classic riding down a road very quickly
Movie  The Italian Job,  with Michael Caine
1hr 2min 56sec: Parked maroon Consul Capri
Ford PR-Film Classic Holiday Ford
A "must" for Classic - enthusiasts (available on VHS at the FCCOC)
Ford PR Film From First to Last Ford
 This Ford PR-Film shows how the Classic's were built (available on VHS at the FCCOC)

Cersten Richter 1998, 1999
Last update: 20.10.04