All listed data sheetes and charts are scanned and saved in its genuine size.
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btc1.gif (66268 Byte)  btc4.gif (63397 Byte)
btc3.gif (39699 Byte)
Body Tolerance Chart 2-door Classic

(3 Parts)


btc1.gif (66268 Byte)  btc2.gif (74998 Byte)
btc3.gif (39699 Byte)

Body Tolerance Chart 4-door Classic

(3 Parts)


wdgt.gif (197614 Byte)
Wiring Diagram GT
wdcc.gif (248261 Byte)
Wiring Diagram Classic and Capri

w_layout.gif (83974 Byte)
Wiring Layout


lubricat.gif (94835 Byte)
Lubrication Chart
radio.gif (64066 Byte)
Radio Wiring Diagram

colours.jpg (32091 Byte)
Body Colours 1962/63

Cersten Richter 1998, 1999, 2000
Last update: 20.10.04