The Ford "Kent" Engine

The Classic was introduced with a 1340 ccm, 4 cyl. engine with overhead valves and the enlarged 56 b.h.p. version of the Anglia.This engine was replaced in 1962 with a better 1499 ccm 4 cyl. engine. This engine has obvious advantages over the 1340 model, e.g. five main bearings instead of three. Both engines had alternate compression ratios, 8.5 and 7.2 in the smaller one and 8.3 and 7.0 in the later model. The 1340 ccm types tend to be noisy and clatter, due partly distortion of the block. Service parts are hard to find item nowadays. Early1340 ccm versions used an auto-thermic allox piston with steel backing plates inside, and were oval when cold to prevent piston slap. Classic engines are good for 80.000 mls and more.

Another advantage of the later model is that the gearbox had syncromesh on all four ratios, the 1340 (109E) had an unsyncromesh 1st. gear. Floor and and column gear shift were available on both models.

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