You will find here some useful tips and hints around the Classic and Capri. You've got hints too? What do you waiting for? Just send an eMail! Your experience is important for all the other freaks who wants to keep the cars on the road! Just take a look to my datasheet section, where you can find some useful datasheets. All sheets are in GIF-format.
In future you will find reports of rebuilding parts in my workshop-section. I'm going to start with a GT-servo and continue with restoring a genuine Ford valve car radio.


Easy timing adjustment: Highlight the timing mark with typist's correction fluid. It dries extremely fast and reflects the light of the strobe gun very well.
Polish the headlamp bezels Due to the fact that aluminium is not a perfect base for chrome, you often can see signs of corrosion under the chrome plated surface of the headlamp bezels. I let strip off the chrome and polished them to mirror finish. You can not see the difference between chrome and polished surface at first (and second) sight!
Replacement tube for oilpressure gauge Over 30 years of heat and high pressure can make the plastic tube for your oilpressure gauge a bit brittle. A good replacement is the hydraulic tube from Magura mountain-bike brakes. That will make a good job for the next 30 years. Ask your local mountainbike dealer for Magura Bake tubes
Rev-Counter trouble When your rev-counter shows higher revs than usual, than a small condenser inside is defective. If you can dismantle the chrome ring you can replace the old condenser (dark-brown, 1/2" long) with a new one (0,22 F / 100VoltAC). After replacement, your rev-counter will work like new.
Wrong distributor ? Our cars came with three different distributors. The high compression-, low compression- and the GT-type. With the wrong distributor you will never get the right ignition timing for your engine. Check your distributor and vacuum-unit with the following chart:
High Compression Low Compression GT
Vacuum Unit Code 5-17-10 5-16-12 6-17-7
Distributor Body Number 40857 40856 40927
Dynamo polarisation A new dynamo must be polarised to suit on the electrical system. A dynamo can also be changed in polarity e. g. when you fit a dynamo which was former worked in a "negative on chassis" vehicle to our Classic's and Capris. Disconnect all wires from the dynamo. Remember that Classic and Capri are usually not protected by fuses!
All you need is your 12V Battery and 2 cables (approx. 2,5 mm2 diameter / each 50 cm).
Positve (+) Earth Systems:


Connect the negative battery pole with the dynamo body. Hold the positive pole cable a few seconds to the "F" terminal at the dynamo. 


Negative (-) Earth Systems:


Connect the negative battery pole with the dynamo body. Hold the positive pole cable a few seconds to the "F" terminal at the dynamo. 


Cross-over parts (to be continued!)

    also used on
Oil filter AC Fiter, AC 27 or
MANN H8.2/7
Anglia 997 cc from 4/65
Anglia 1200 cc from 12/64
Cortina 12/64 > 9/70
Corsair 1500 cc 12/64 > 9/66
Escort 1968 > 10/70
Fan belt Ferodo VS737 Ford:
Escord MkI 1100 & 1300, 1968>74
Capri MkI 1300 & 1600, 1969>73
Cortina MkII + II 1300, 1500&1600, 1967>75
204 Diesel, 1973>77
304 SL, SLS, Estate, from 1977
R16 TS / TX, Water Pump, 1968>79
R17 TL / TS, Water Pump, 1972>79
R20 TL, Water Pump, from 1976
R20 TS / LS Power Steering, from 1978
Brakelight Switch   Jaguar:
all models 1962>71
1100, 1800, A40, 1962>71
Windscreen   The Scimitar rear screen is the same as the Capri windscreen (Thanks Alex)